Introduction to the Seven Principles of Xeriscape

Saturday June 10, 2017  |  10:00AM - 03:00PM British Columbia, Summerland, Summerland Ornamental Gardens, 4200 Hyw 97S, Summerland, BC
Introduction to the Seven Principles of Xeriscape

Our one-day workshop contains practical information for people who want to make changes to an existing landscape or create a new landscape, as well as for those who are new to gardening in the Okanagan.

Okanagan Xeriscape specialist, Eva Antonijevic uses her extensive photo collection to illustrate the principles of design and planning, soil improvement, practical turf areas, efficient irrigation, use of mulch, good maintenance, and appropriate plant selection. You will learn how to get started with xeriscape and where to find further information.

Xeriscape landscapes are colourful and attractive. With the diversity of water wise plant species available, almost any style of gardening is possible. The easy to follow principles will guide you in using methods to garden in harmony with nature. Learn simple ways to drastically reduce landscape water use while at the same time saving time and money. Maintenance will be reduced – less mowing, trimming, weeding, watering and fertilizing are needed. Plants will thrive.

Healthy plants are highly resistant to pests and diseases thereby reducing or eliminating the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Cost: $50 per person

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